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Julia is a Certified permanent make up artist/micropigmentation specialist in beautiful Scottsdale Arizona. She relocated from Cleveland, Ohio in 2008 for a beautiful sun.

After working in the corporate world for many years she has realized her true passion for beauty.Julia holds a Business Management Degree from John Carroll University, thinking she would have pursued her corporate career. However, during the last 8 years she has concentrated on providing beauty services for women.She attended a Permanent Make Up Academy for her training and her certification, and is a member of International Permanent Make Up Society.

She specializes in correcting unshapely Eyebrows, define a pair of beautiful Eyes, sculpture a pair of voluminous Lips and add beauty marks. As well as SMP-Scalp Mirco-pigmentation. Assisting clients with hair lose.

Julia says “I am a true believer in natural beauty and that is why I love doing Permanent Make up. It gives me an opportunity to enhance one’s natural beauty.”

Permanent Make up is designed for everyday/natural look as opposed to extravagant make up.

“I enjoy helping men and women reach their beauty goals; giving them more confidence, happier and easier life styles. Nowadays men and women are so busy with their careers and family duties that it leaves them with minimal time for themselves. Regardless, it is human’s natural desire to always look beautiful. Thanks to this latest esthetic technique and my understanding of beauty I am able to provide Permanent Beauty for your busy life style.”

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